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Iron Swords - Israel during wartime

Israel is currently at war as a result from a surprise attack perpetrated by the HAMAS terror organization on October 7, 2023. Amidst these challenging times, we bear witness to the remarkable unity of the entire Israeli populace, rallying together to safeguard our nation. As we receive heart-wrenching accounts from the frontlines, our thoughts are with the grieving families who have lost loved ones. We extend our wishes for a swift and complete recovery to the injured and fervently hope for the safe return of captives and hostages.

During these difficult and painful days, we express our unwavering support for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and fervently pray for the safe return of all our brave fighters.

The Dan district in wartime

Due to the war, many thousands of residents in the Gaza strip and close to the Northern border of Israel have been evacuated to the center of the country. The Dan district of Clalit Health Services have enlisted to provide clinical services and mental support for the thousands of evacuees, operating emergency clinics and help centers for the evacuees of the Northern and Southern settlements. Many people from our teams were drafted to the army, many others volunteer in different emergency facilities established due to the war. Despite any challenge these days bring us, we are determined to give the best medical and mental support to all our patients including all those who have been evacuated from their homes.

  • Establishment of support and assistance sites offering medical and mental health services for all the displaced.

  • Deployment of a mobile clinic in a specially designated vehicle equipped with necessary medical and nursing facilities.

  • Creation of day camps for the children of medical staff working tirelessly since the outset of the war.

  • Establishment of a support center for workers whose family members have been wounded or recruited for military service.


We invite you to join us as partners in the war effort through various supportive means. All donations are officially recognized by tax authorities in Israel, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, and Australia. Contributions will be promptly utilized to finance emergency measures. Should you have any inquiries, we are at your disposal. Together, let us hope for quieter and better days. Please support our efforts by clicking on the "Donate" button.

Mental health projects – unique support programs

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Activation of a special mental health clinics

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