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We have established a streamlined channel for seamless internal and external collaboration, fostering and supporting numerous innovative initiatives. Our platform presents an excellent opportunity for collaborative research across diverse and expansive populations.
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    There are numerous opportunities to leverage clinical data for enhancing patient outcomes within the healthcare ecosystem. Clalit Innovation invites you to explore data access through our DataPass platform, offering three main collaboration avenues: Data Access: Access diverse data types, including electronic health records and imaging clinical trial results, for developing or validating models. Data and Joint Research: Gain data access while benefiting from the support of our expert clinicians. In addition to data, we offer our expertise, testing, and analysis, providing valuable epidemiological insights. Full Data Research: The Clalit Research Institute, a globally recognized center for data-driven research and AI-driven solutions, conducts research for pharmaceutical companies using our data. Our dedicated research team analyzes results and prepares publications. With our vast and unique dataset, we are confident in our ability to meet your needs, driving transformative change and discovering innovative solutions that have the potential to improve the lives of patients and physicians.
    At Clalit Innovation, we are enthusiastic about collaborating with researchers and innovators to transform groundbreaking concepts into reality. If you're currently in the development phase and seeking expert guidance and support, we are here for you. In terms of CO-DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN PARTNER, and any COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION, Clalit's network spans various healthcare settings, providing a comprehensive understanding of patient journeys and clinical workflows. We can assist you in finding the right co-design partner, utilizing our healthcare expertise and combining it with your unique vision to create something truly exceptional with the potential to save lives. Our focus areas include: Patient and physician-facing applications and platforms. Data-driven medical products and apps. Identifying and developing additional use cases for existing medical products and platforms.
    We are committed to assisting entrepreneurs and companies in developing and refining their products to meet the healthcare industry's needs and enhance patients' lives. As the leading HMO in Israel, our extensive network, comprising 14 hospitals and over 1500 community clinics, provides unparalleled resources. If you have a product you'd like to test and improve, we can expedite validation and accelerate its market entry through our extensive professional network spanning various disciplines. Recognizing the significance of rigorous testing, we are devoted to ensuring your product adheres to the highest standards. Our focus areas include: Proof of concept studies Clinical trials leading to regulatory approval Clinical validation Pilot studies Usability studies Let us help bring your innovative product to fruition swiftly and successfully.
    We are passionate about cultivating partnerships in healthcare and revolutionizing the patient experience. We firmly believe that personalized medicine and predictive care represent the future of healthcare, and our dedication to driving innovation in this realm is unwavering. To realize this vision, we consistently organize both internal and external innovation challenges, collaboratively developed with renowned pharma brands and Medtech companies globally. These challenges serve as dynamic platforms for ideation, experimentation, and collaboration, resulting in pioneering advancements in healthcare. Two notable examples are our Etgar and Roma Programs. Etgar Roma We invite you to be a part of this community of innovators and to explore together how we can create new challenges to shape the future of healthcare.


DAN Innovation

Dan Innovation is part of the Clalit Innovation network.

Join us to gain access to the largest HMO in Israel, including 14 hospitals and 1500 clinics.

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