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Our Active Projects

Our portfolio is dynamic, supporting patients' journeys within our current focus. Projects occasionally vary while new and exciting endeavors emerge. 

If you wish to support our efforts to improve patient's health and well-being you are welcome to visit our donation page. You can choose to support our ongoing activity or a specific project of your choice.

בוט ליבי 2.png

Libby Bot

A motivational health bot designed to encourage patient compliance and participation in screening tests, with the initial focus on colorectal cancer. The approach is rooted in psychological motivational methodologies, and a provisional patent has been filed.

Special Effects

The Future Clinic

We are integral to a major organizational initiative focused on shaping the future of community healthcare. Our new clinic will be designed to map patient journeys, identify gaps, and develop solutions from the ground up. Supported by a research team capable of planning pilot studies and measuring the benefits of proposed solutions, along with an innovation team proficient in leading these unique processes.

mental health bot.jpg

Mental Health Bot

A bot designed to conduct triage, psychoeducation, and provide self-help guidance.

3D Printer

Precision 3D Medicine

Utilizing 3D printing technology to create customized assistive devices for housebound patients, promoting functional independence, and delivered by the occupational therapy team.

Financial Data

Admin Dashboard

A digital dashboard for administratively managing the housebound patient unit, which dispatches medical teams (physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, etc.) to provide care for patients confined to their homes.

Baby with Stethoscope

Child Triage Tool

Identifying within a community clinic setting the child who is in a bad condition and must see a doctor immediatly is not trivial. This sensor-based triage tool combined with AI is meant to identify unwell children in a clinic waiting room who needs to be prioritized in line and get them to the physician as sson as possible.

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